ARNO is the name with many faces,

facets and senses.


Family, as the family business was the basis for brand birth.

Uniqueness: all products are mostly hand crafted. This is elitism, as every brand piece is produced in limited amount and for selected personalities.

Intimate contacting, brand’s pieces are in constant contact with their holders: there belongs leather accessories, scented candles and interior fragrances.


Neat modeling and noble shapes as a result of hands work reflect a good taste in tangible stuff. Every item from IREN ARNO House was carefully designed in details with laconic luxury, staying together with its holder every day, surrounding and immersing into the specific atmosphere.

Quality is of paramount importance for any brand rather the ARNO brand praises it with utmost care: the genuine fabrics and superior element of the garments are supplied from all over the world in a limited amount exclusively for IREN ARNO brand.